About Us

ReqRoute is an IT Consulting Services and Recruitment Marketing firm based in the heart of Silicon Valley in California that enables its clients to concentrate on their core business while we provide them with IT consulting & workforce solutions to help them accomplish their IT Goals.

Mission, Vision & Values

We aspire to be recognized and respected as a leading IT Consulting and Workforce Solutions company. We endeavor to achieve this by integrating and collaborating Human Intelligence, Social Networks and Technology to offer cost effective solutions to our customers.

Go Green

At ReqRoute, our goal is to contribute to a better world by reducing, re-using and re-cycling things to help build a sustainable and a bright future for our children and grandchildren. We have taken simple steps to show our commitment to the cause Go Green

Women Empowerment

ReqRoute is fully committed to diversity and women’s empowerment by providing business skills training, supportive learning, coaching and mentoring initiatives. We provide opportunities for career advancement, being financially independent and successful.