Staffing & Managed Services

Many companies find it challenging to respond to constantly changing technology needs and initiatives using their internal staff. To acquire strategic skills in a timely and cost-effective manner, our clients turn to us.

ReqRoute gives you the ability to be as smooth and quick as the technology you are dealing with by putting you in touch with our enormous database. ReqRoute has the ability to quickly respond to technology initiatives by strategically acquiring skills and economically managing accessible resources. With ReqRoute, you have access to competent, brilliant and talented professionals representing every skill set. With ReqRoute, you can bring on professionals that are truly a fit into your teams.

ReqRoute also has expertise in a variety of different specialties and industries that can augment your technology skill sets and improve your ability to meet business goals. Our quality and focused recruiting and hiring methods, provide the right people with the right skills whenever and wherever they are needed.

Reqroute provides services in the following categories.

  • Executive Level Search
  • Contingency Search
  • Retained Search

Today’s Knowledge Organizations believe in Acquiring & Retaining the best talent. As much as sourcing candidates has become increasingly easy in current times due to the plethora of outreach mediums, finding the right candidate had become that much more difficult due the increased client expectations and more stringent screening mechanisms that need to be now incorporated.

With the integration of technology and business, the need for highly skilled IT consultants has never been greater, because of that hiring managers today have an overwhelming number of sources for IT professionals such as internet-based job boards, advertisements, personal referrals, etc, that generate dozens of candidates for one position. Sorting, screening and interviewing all of these candidates can take days, weeks or even months – potentially to the detriment of critical IT projects and support operations. Worse yet, many candidates these sources return may not have the basic qualifications needed to join your team.

At ReqRoute, we provide a broad range of programs and services to help you find the talent your company needs. ReqRoute provides the expertise and thoroughness of an executive search firm on a contingent-fee basis. Our dedicated team of placement professionals works tirelessly to locate, identify, and recruit the best talent the IT world has to offer. ReqRoute interviews all the candidates in person and conducts extensive reference checks to verify the quality of each candidate. Upon request, we will test and validate the candidates’ IT skills. At ReqRoute, we go an extra mile to provide a complete spectrum of service options such as:

  • Full-service placement solution on a contingent basis including face-to-face interviews, skills testing and reference checking.
  • Hiring strategy, retention and evaluation programs which will improve your recruitment processes.
  • Our 7-Point Quality Assessment assures you great service.
  • We back this up with our Customer Satisfaction Program.

We help companies with Outplacement initiatives where we assist their former employees through the transition to new jobs and help them re-orient by giving advice and psychological support. We also provide counseling & training support for individuals who have not been offered those services through their employer, but choose, on their own. We try our best to provide individualized attention to effected parties & help them quickly secure jobs that best fit their experience & expertise.

Several companies have been automating business processes for decades. These processes can be simple or complex based on the number of steps, systems involved. These systems are different in different industries.


ReqRoute BPO/BPS practice leverages our recruiting skills and focuses on improving customer care. Our company offers a range of business process services for the entire employment cycle including temporary and contract positions. We not only help our clients with their BPS needs but also help them build an effective employer brand. 
These services are designed to improvise performance despite the budgetary limitations that are often placed on these “cost centers.” We have adopted a professional attitude with all our transactions with our clients, partners, employees and stake holders. We strive to make our customers business process as seamless as possible

ReqRoute’s vendor management solution enables our clients to optimize costs, drive service excellence and reduce risks to gain increased value. This helps clients meet business objectives, minimize potential business disruption, avoid deal & delivery failure, and ensure more-sustainable vendor management model.

Our Vendor Management Solutions provides a truly collaborative platform that offers visibility and enables management of complex services spend. Our vendor management offerings help our clients focus on their core business while we manage all their suppliers by consolidating them under one umbrella. Contract management is a highly complex activity and with ever changing legislation, payroll problems & complex compliance laws it is becoming highly challenging for companies to manage vendors / contractor workforce directly.

  • Vendor Consolidation: Consolidation of all vendors / suppliers under one umbrella to ensure better management.
  • Vendor Contract Management: ReqRoute negotiates and manages all vendor contracts to reduce risk that our clients can get into by signing contracts with multiple vendors.
  • Compliance Management: We manage all vendor / contractor compliance in terms of ensuring right work authorization, insurance requirements etc.
  • Client Spend consolidation: Client Accounts Payable doesn’t need to deal with multiple vendors anymore. We invoice a consolidated amount to our client and manage all vendor payments.
  • Resource Tracking & Procurement through vendors: All contingent or full time workforce are acquired by us using the army of suppliers consolidated under our umbrella.
  • Invoice management: All vendor invoices are managed and paid by ReqRoute.
  • Timesheet management: Contractor timesheets are properly tracked to ensure that billable hours are appropriately captured for contractor / vendor payments are made accordingly.
  • I9 Compliance: As mentioned above, we ensure that contractors have proper work authorization and are legally eligible to work in the country. I9 compliance management insures the tracking of this requirement.

Our Managed service offerings provide you complete IT outsourcing solutions for your day-to-day operations and for improving business efficiencies.

As a MSP, we act as a link between our client, a Vendor Management System, and contingent workforce suppliers. The role of the MSP is designed to improve operational efficiency.

Our MSP Program thrives upon a collaborative approach that provides the ability to manage back-office processes for our client. Our successful track record in this service offering is due to our expertise in the staffing industry. Our model is scalable to accommodate the ever changing needs of our client’s business. We also put a lot of emphasis towards understanding the organization culture of our client, as this is a key area that often gets missed out amidst technology & processes.

Some key benefits with our MSP program are:

  • Cost savings for clients
  • Quicker acquisition of top notch talent
  • Compliance risk management

Our MSP offerings include:

  • Project Management
  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • IT Infrastructure Services
  • Software Testing Services
  • Workforce Management Solutions
  • Product Development
  • Interactive Media and Content Management
  • Healthcare IT

We provide a complete employer of record/ Payrolling/PEO solution for our clients. Our integrated payroll solutions allow clients to stay focused on their core business needs while still receiving the expertise and advise needed to effectively support a contingent workforce.

Comprehensive service offering:

ReqRoute, Inc streamlines payroll administration (manage payroll preparation, processing, taxes, and benefits.), hiring paperwork, on-boarding and time capture/approval process and other administrative processes. This customized service saves you time without increasing direct recruiting costs, allowing your HR and management teams to concentrate on essential business activities.

Our service offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete Employer-of-Record Responsibilities including all tax filing and required reporting (Federal/State)
  • Access to Group Medical Benefits with a monthly contribution
  • 401(k) Plan administration
  • Payroll services
  • Timekeeping and Approval process
  • On-boarding and orientation
  • Periodic Client reporting
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage
  • Account/Client Service management

Engaging independent Contractors (1099 contractors) can be a huge financial & compliance burden on companies. The audits by IRS can result in big non compliance & fines. We help our customers by hiring 1099 independent contractors for all their business needs & thereby acting as their Payroll & Employer Organization. This helps our customers run businesses without worrying about any audits.