ReqRoute has Been Certified as Minority Business and Supplier

Milpitas, CA – Jan 3, 2011: The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) is committed to advancing business opportunities for minority members of the community. In 2010, ReqRoute, Inc., a recruitment company in California, was certified by the Northern California Chapter as a minority business and supplier.

Companies around the country want to show that they have diversity within their operations and therefore they strive to work with other companies and suppliers that are minority-owned. Many companies turn to the NMSDC to learn of who these companies are.

With ReqRoute, Inc. obtaining certification in 2010, it has allowed them to work with an array of companies, including other minority businesses as partners. “We believe that Asians, Hispanics, African Americans, and others deserve to play an important role in business. We are proud to be minority-owned and show diversification wherever we can,” comments one of the company’s executives.

As a recruiting agency, they are responsible for helping companies with their hiring needs. The company boasts an impressive social media strategy that leverages more jobseekers. Through their efforts, they see more than 10,000 jobseekers on their website monthly. “Our goal is to work with all of the jobseekers and try to find them a match with one of the companies that we represent,” says a ReqRoute recruiter, one of over 200 that currently work for the company.

Many companies have turned to ReqRoute because they are a minority business and supplier. The client portfolio for the recruitment company includes fortune 1000 businesses and many more. The company has positioned themselves to cover an array of industries including high tech, retail, banking and insurance, healthcare, logistics, entertainment and media, telecommunications, and energy and utilities.

“We enjoy working with ReqRoute because of their commitment to diversity and it allows us to maintain our status of EOE. We know that we will get the best possible candidates and that diversity will always be a top consideration for the recruiters assigned to us,” notes one of the HR Directors for a company that continuously uses the recruitment company.

The NMSDC maintains a listing of all companies that have been certified as a minority business or supplier. When ReqRoute first began working with companies, they knew that they wanted to get this certification status. It was granted in 2010 and it has allowed them to obtain a considerable amount of growth since then. Recently, ReqRoute was named as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation by, receiving notification of the honor in late 2013.

The company continues to focus on diversity and is committed to innovative recruitment strategies to allow businesses the ability to focus on their core operations. The company operates out of Silicon Valley, California, but with 200 recruiters, they are slowly able to assist companies with recruitment needs across the country.

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